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Leadership Staff

John Geekie
Dean and Leader of Wellbeing Year 10 Email

Rebecca Bramanto
Leader of Wellbeing Year 11 Email

James McLaughlin
Leader of Wellbeing Year 12 Email

School Psychologists

Pastoral Care Group Teacher

The Pastoral Care Group (PCG) Teacher has primary responsibility for the pastoral care of each student. They will often be the first point of contact.


Year 10

Group Teacher Email            
Brigid Liliana Bellandi Email
Camara Russell Roberts Email
Catherine Renee Ardon Email
Chisholm Miranda Whitley Email
MacKillop Louise O'Mahony Email
Marcellin Jared Prentis Email
Romero Pamela Papas Email
Thomas More Tavia Purcell Email

Year 11

Year 11

Brigid Christina Elloy Email
Camara Heather Tate Email
Catherine Nalini Demma Email
Chisholm Alistair MacNeill Email
MacKillop Beth Legg Email
Marcellin Natasha Calley Email
Romero James Christensen Email
Thomas More Aaron Richards Email

Year 12

Year 12

Brigid Jen Bennett Email
Camara Patrick Woolley Email
Catherine Alison Pattinson Email
Chisholm Hannah Wheeler Email
MacKillop Elena Jeffcoat-Sacco Email
Marcellin Terry Leece Email 
Romero Ella Rocchi Email
Thomas More Karen Cassidy Email