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The College provides an extensive program of sporting and cultural opportunities.  Students are encouraged to participate in sport at an Inter-Guild Competition level, Inter-school (Northern Associated Schools) Competition as well as the Associated Catholic Colleges Competitions (primarily swimming, athletics and cross-country).

Opportunities for involvement in Music (instrumental and choral), Art, Drama, Debating and other cultural pursuits are comprehensive.



The Northern Associated Schools (NAS) competition runs after school in Term 1 (Summer Competition) and Term 2 (Winter Competition). The primary emphasis of this competition is upon participation. Teams compete against students from John XXIII, Sacred Heart College, Servite College and Chisholm College. Games alternate between home and away.

IMG 2361The coach of each team will supply details regarding fixtures and uniforms.

pdfNAS Fixtures 2018

pdfNAS Student Information Sheet 2018

Sports available through the NAS Program include:

Year 10 Girls:  Basketball, Touch, Futsal, Netball, Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball.
Year 10 Boys:  Cricket, Basketball, Touch, Football, Soccer, Volleyball, Badminton.

Year 11 Girls:  Touch, Futsal, Basketball, Netball, Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer.
Year 11 Boys:  Basketball, Touch, Volleyball, Badminton, Football, Soccer.

Year 12 Girls:  Touch, Futsal, Basketball, Soccer, Badminton, Volleyball, Netball.
Year 12 Boys:  Basketball, Touch, Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer.

Senior Boys Soccer Team IMG 1992

The Arts


The Arts

In addition to the formal elective program conducted within formal classroom hours, extensive co-curricular programs exist in the Visual and Performing Arts and Music.

Music A wide range of choirs, ensembles and bands provide opportunities for both beginners and more experienced musicians. Rehearsals often taken place before school. For students undertaking private lessons attempts are made to minimize disruption to classes. There are many opportunites for students to perform including school assemblies, music nights and the Catholic Schools Performing Arts Festival. The Administrative Assistant, Music K-12, can be contacted on 9204 9485.

pdf2018 Music Handbook



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Visual Art In addiition to the classroom work students have the opportunity to have their pieces entered in public exhibitions such as the public Angelico Exhibition.

IMG 2226Drama A major Drama production is presented each year and involves students in the Middle and Senior Schools with the emphasis being on pure Drama or Music or Drama in alternate years.  Students are involved in a variety of backstage, onstage and support roles.




IMG 7787 (Medium)The Remar program is a voluntary Faith in Action program which is available for students in Years 10, 11 and 12.  The Program offers students the opportunity for ongoing personal spiritual development through discussion, prayer, reflection and community service.  It also involves attendance at retreat camps, both locally and interstate.  At these camps the students meet and mix with Remar students from other Marist schools.  This gives our students an awareness of the wider Marist Family and the commitment Marists have to living their lives based on Gospel values.  As well, across the three years of the Program, there is opportunity for an immersion experience where students are able to serve a community which is less fortunate than their own. 


Over the past decade, students who have participated in Remar have experienced very significant personal growth and have provided outstanding leadership in a variety of aspects of College life.

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Social Justice

Social Justice


The Social Justice group, consisting of two captains and students from Years 7 – 12, encourages the involvement of all students in a variety of projects and regular activities throughout the year. It operates to raise awareness and to offer opportunities for action, which will make a difference to the lives of people locally and around the world.
Like our founder, St Marcellin Champagnat, who worked for justice, for the poor and uneducated, we follow Jesus’ message from St Matthew, “Whenever you do this to the least of my brothers and sisters, you do it to me.”
Some of the activities of the Social Justice Group include:

  • Attending the Caritas Just Leadership Conferences and promoting Project Compassion, through the Caritas Fast
  • Staying back after school and cooking meals for the poor and homeless people, supported by The Shopfront, which is part of the Archbishop’s Lifelink
  • Planning activities during Sorry Week and NAIDOC Week
  • Collecting food and clothing for the Society of St Vincent de Paul
  • Offering friendship and hospitality to the members of St Dominic’s Special Needs’ Youth Group
  • Participation in the Building Bridges Project, along with Carmel College, The Australian Islamic College and Carey Baptist College
  • Publicising the annual fete, which raises money for Marist Solidarity
  • Organising the collection of goods for the Vinnies’ Christmas Hampers.
  • Involvement in voluntary work and a range of activities to help those in need in our local community, or when there is a global natural disaster


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Academic Competitions

Academic Competitions

A number of departments offer students the opportunity to participate in a range of academic competitions where they can compete with students throughout Australia.

Arts Competitions

Catholic Arts Competition

Performing Arts Logo

The Performing Arts Festival for Catholic Schools and Colleges is recognised as an event of major significance in the Catholic Education calendar. Established to help Catholic school students in Western Australia experience the spirit and tradition of the performing arts, the Festival formally recognises the contributions of the religious orders who were dedicated to promoting the arts in both the city and country areas.

The Festival provides a unique opportunity for young people to perform in a public forum, developing the confidence, self-esteem and social skills of those who choose to participate. Given this structure, it also has the potential to provide a foundation for those students who intend to pursue further studies and/or careers in the performing arts. The Festival seeks to:

  • Encourage the development of excellence in performance in all students
  • Provide opportunities for students to participate in performance at the highest level
  • Provide participants with positive, helpful guidance in the form of written adjudication
  • Provide an opportunity for students to share their gifts and talents with the broader community

All students studying a musical instrument, participating in a College Co-Curricular ensemble, Dance, or Year 11 and 12 Drama have the opportunity to participate in the Catholic Performing Arts Festival. Visit the Catholic Arts website for further information 

Talent Shows

Throughout the year, the Arts Department organise a number of Talent Shows, giving performing arts students the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for prizes. All areas of the performing arts including music (solo/group), drama/music theatre, dance, comedy and magic/circus skills are welcome. Awards can also be earnt for original works. The Talent Shows seek to:

  • Showcase talents in performance
  • Improve confidence and performance skills 
  • Increase co-curricular participation
  • Receive feedback from adjudication results 
  • Receive recognition for abilities in the Arts
  • Competitions include the Arts Festival Talent Show and the Marcellin Champagnat Day Talent Show

Theatre Olympics

Theatre Olympics is a fun Inter-Guild evening competition of completely improvised games played in front of a live audience by students from Years 6-12. The participating students will have attended workshops to learn the rules of the games and challenge themselves as individuals and teams. On the performance evening students take suggestions straight from the audience to shape the games and scenes.

The Guilds compete against one another to win the trophy for Best Guild. There is also recognition for best Junior Team and best Senior Team. Theatre Olympics seeks to:

  • Promotes teamwork and positivity
  • Creation and development of own ideas 
  • Taking informed risks in improvisation
  • Working with students from various year groups
  • A fun safe environment to develop confidence and improvisation skills
  • Support the guild system in a friendly contest
  • Allows for students to perform in a professional theatre space

Science Competitions

The Science Department coordinates a range of competitions throughout the year in the hope of promoting the following benefits:

  • Broaden understanding of the wider applications of science
  • Develop problem solving skills in science
  • Improve exam technique
  • Increase co-curricular participation
  • Receive valuable feedback from results – strengths, weaknesses & comparative ability
  • An opportunity to receive recognition for ability in science

Competitions include:

All competitions are conducted after school, with participation voluntary and all entry costs are met by the Science