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About Senior School


IMG 8538Key aspects of Senior Schooling at Newman College include:

  • Encouraging students to consolidate their learning from the Middle School
  • Engaging fully with a rigorous curriculum
  • Understanding the importance of being self-directed and self-motivated
  • Having a mature approach to good study habits and organised study time
  • Developing more mature relationships with peers and teachers alike
  • Understanding that learning is about 'how to think' not 'what to think'
  • Accumulating a number of transferrable skills for the future

New Students

Newman College warmly welcomes you and your child to Senior School for 2018.

Please find below details regarding your child’s entry into Senior School which serves as the basis for initial orientation, including a range of information, documents and forms for your perusal and completion. 

If you have any questions, or require further information, please contact the Enrolment Officer, Amanda Redwood on 9204 9405 email 


Year 10 - 12 2018


The Canteen on the Marcellin Campus is a modern facility which offers students a wide selection of food at both recess and lunch. Students and parents can order online through the online ordering system FlexiSchools. Please click here for more information on FlexiSchools.


  • Music: The College also offers a wide range of choirs, ensembles and bands providing opportunities for both beginners and more experienced musicians. Click here for more information.  Application forms for Music Instrumental Tuition are available from Student Reception.
  • Northern Associated Schools (NAS): The NAS Competition runs after school throughout Semester 1. The primary emphasis of this competition is upon participation. Teams compete against students from John XXIII College, Sacred Heart College, Servite College and Chisholm College. Games alternate between home and away. Please click here for further information.


Year 10
In 2018, the College is moved to a parent-funded model for the provision of a designated digital device for students in Years 7 and 10.

Years 11 and 12
Students in Years 11 and 12 are provided with a laptop to assist with their learning. They agree to use it in a responsible manner and care for it as if it were their own pdfStudent Macbook Agreement

Newman Sports Association (NSA)

The Association enjoys excellent training and competition facilities for all its member clubs. The clubs are community based, inviting participation not only from Newman College students, surrounding schools and past students, but also from the wider community. The College and the Association believe in the philosophy of sharing facilities and making full use of them.  For further information please click here.

Student Support Services

Newman College offers a range of services to support students in their day to day lives: spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically. Please refer to pdfStudent Support Services Brochure

Uniform Shop

Newman College operates a uniform shop located on the Marcellin Campus, at 216 Empire Avenue Churchlands (opposite the Champagnat Chapel). Please click here for uniform regulations, price list and trading hours.




IMG 3239Young adults experience a range of personal, intellectual and social needs. With the continuing growth towards adulthood, there are particular physical, emotional and socio-cultural drives that need to be met and nurtured. During the senior years of schooling and in accordance with their growing maturity, students deepen and develop their relationships with both peers and staff, which will develop into a desire for greater independence and the need for them to take increased responsibility for their actions and decision-making in the adult world.

Students are encouraged to set their own goals and reflect on what they are learning in order to have the tools to make mature decisions regarding their choices, pathways and decisions.

The Head of Year oversees a Pastoral Care Program which is structured in a way that meets the specific needs of the year group.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership

The College seeks to develop a sense of Servant Leadership among its students. There is an emphasis on the idea that all students should strive to develop appropriate leadership skills.

There are two College Captains (one male and one female) who represent the College in many of the formal meetings and assemblies throughout their final year of schooling. They head the Student Leadership Group and plan and organise meetings which cover a broad range of issues pertinent to school life.

Guild Representatives are selected in Years 10 and 11, while Year 12 students are selected and named as Guild Captains.

In addition to these leaders, the College has a Student Leadership Group comprising Captains of Social Justice, the Arts, Digital Literacy, Sport and Faith and Liturgy. These students represent the views and concerns of the broader school population where they run meetings and give feedback during Student Council meetings. Student ideas and initiatives are warmly welcomed and encouraged by the Leadership team of the College, and many of them have been adopted by the College.

At Newman College we encourage all Year 12 students to embrace the concept of leadership. We encourage them to model good values, attitudes and behaviour as mentors of the entire Secondary student body.

pdf2017 Student Leadership Group

IMG 3400



Information & Communication Technology

A variety of technologies are utilised to enhance the teaching and learning opportunities at Newman College. The MacBook program ensures that all students have ongoing access to a wide range of digital resources.

Students accept personal responsibility for their device both at school and at home and must ensure that regular backups are made of their data. This responsibility extends to utilising technology in an appropriate manner as outlined in the pdfStudent Macbook Agreement. Students may easily access technical support by visiting the ICT Team, located in B Block.



Year 10 River Cruise
The River Cruise is held early in Term 4 and provides students with a unique opportunity to develop relationships with their peers in a relaxed setting.

Year 11 Dinner Dance
The Dinner Dance occurs in Semester 1 and its aim is to encourage students to enjoy a semi-formal evening.  The 'formal' dinner and subsequent dancing provide a different setting for social interaction opportunities in which the students participate.

Year 11 Outdoor Camp
The Year 11 Outdoor Camp is held at the start of Term 4 and aims to provide students with opportunities to further develop resilience, leadership qualities and strong friendships prior to commencing their final year of schooling.

Year 12 Ball
Year 12 students participate in a very formal part of their social education. This is an opportunity for students to enjoy a dinner and dance in a more formal environment than their previous experiences. pdfYear 11 171017 2018 Significant Dates.pdf

Year 12 Retreat
At the end of Term 1 the Year 12 cohort spends four days at various retreat sites around Perth. The focus of this retreat is on the importance of family and other significant relationships in their lives. Students reflect on their own lives, their friendships and consider their relationship with God in their lives. There are also opportunities to further consider the Marist characteristics of Family Spirit, Presence, In the way of Mary, Love of work and Simplicity.

Year 12 Valedictory
At the end of Year 12, a formal graduation ceremony, Valedictory, is held for the graduating students. The College recognises the outstanding achievements of Year 12 students in academic, social and sporting fields.  Students also reflect on their years of schooling, and their development and growth as young adults.