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22 Nov 2017

The Vocal Showcase will feature a range of solo and duet performances by vocal students in Years 3-10. Family and friends of performers are invited to support the students as they gain valuable experi...

22 Nov 2017

The Years 3-6 Prayer Assembly will be held at 2.45pm on Wednesday 22 November, in the Champagnat Chapel, led by Year 3 Red. Parents and family are welcome.

24 Nov 2017

The Strings Performance will feature a range of solo and group performances by string students in Years 3-6. The 2017 Year 3 String Ensemble will perform for the last time, as well as Lavalla String...

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20 Nov 2017

Thank you to our parents and care-givers who have begun to form our weekly PK-12 parent prayer and friendship group. RESET is a space that we seek to create as a College for all parents and care-giver...

17 Nov 2017

Leadership for Learning
The Leaders of Learning gathered for a retreat experience last week to review and reflect on the 2017 Annual School Improvement Plan and to become immersed in the Visi...