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IMG 6942As they grow in confidence students take on greater personal responsibility for their learning. Their learning moves from a concrete basis towards more abstract thinking and is supported by various forms of technology. They also begin to appreciate a wider view of the world and of themselves as members of a greater community where a sense of Social Justice begins to emerge.



Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

IMG 4542Students are learning to see themselves as valued members of the community and so start to realize they have a responsibility to others as well as to themselves to ensure they are contributing to a safe, happy environment.

The College continues to support students, in partnership with their families, as they develop in all aspects of their spirituality and humanity. Various aspects of this growth are acknowledged regularly in a variety of ways at both an informal and formal level.

College Counsellors are also available to support students, teachers and families.

Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Students are encouraged to be leaders in their own right from an early age.
Towards the end of Year 5, the students participate in a Leadership Program which is facilitated by the Primary school staff, Year 6 students and some Middle and Senior School staff and students. Following the completion of the Program, there is a process to elect a Student Council for the following year.

Once elected, the Year 5 students work with the current Year 6 students to learn their roles in readiness to be the best leaders they can for their final primary year. These leaders have roles as Head monitors in many areas of the College life and they are ably assisted by a team of supporting monitors. The students participate in running assemblies, hosting guests and assisting in many events and programs throughout the year. Each monitor group has a staff member as a guide and facilitator.

The role of the Primary Leadership Program is to assist students to develop their leadership skills, to be positive role models and to support the younger students.

Year 6 Student Council 2018

2018 Student Council

Jaydon Augustus, Darcy Bird. Larni Cantelo, Luca Cestrilli, Charles Gaunt, Samarah Mammoliti, Connor Mickleson, Jett Patterson , Ava Prentice , Montana Rapoff, Bailey Rutherford & Charlie Watson

Co Curricular

Co Curricular

IMG 9691 Music
 All students participate in the Classroom Music Program. Beyond the  classroom they have the       opportunity to participate in the Instrumental  Tutorial Program. As musical competence   develops the students have the  opportunity to join a variety of small group ensembles and     the Junior Winds  Band. The Administrative Assistant, K-12 can be contacted on 9204 9485 for   more information.

pdf2018 Music Handbook



Art Extension IMG 6921
In Year 5 and 6 some students are  invited to join this class where their artistic talents are challenged to produce  some very fine pieces of work.

Jump Rope for Heart Demonstration Team
Students in Years 4 – 6 can apply their athletic skills and talents to the Heart Foundation Jump Rope for Heart Team whereby as a team they give demonstrations of their prowess to other school communities, advocating the benefits of physical activity and the value this adds to a healthy lifestyle.

The Chess club runs during lunch break a few days a week. All students are welcome and encouraged to attend. IMG 9841
There are always students to teach those who need asssitance and to challenge those who would enjoy this.