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Parent Login

To facilitate and enhance communication for families, Newman College utilises a number of online programs for the convenience of parents:



SEQTA coneqt enables parents to be involved in their child's education by allowing them to be aware of what is happening at school.  After logging into SEQTA parents have the ability to view their child's timetable, view notices to students, check attendance history and access a number of other key aspects relating to their child's learning program.

Parents of students will be issued with logon details and then will be able to access SEQTA by clicking here: SEQTA Parent Login

For any queries about SEQTA, please contact the relevant Campus

Marian Campus on 9387 9900

Lavalla Campus on 9445 6789

Marcellin Campus on 9204 9434

Parent Teacher Online

Parent Teacher Online

Newman College uses an internet based program called Parent Teacher Online (PTO) to facilitate parent/teacher meetings throughout the year.  The PTO system enables parents to book the interview times that best suit them.  The system can be accessed from any internet connected device, saving time for parents, staff and students.  Using login details provided by the College, parents follow step-by-step instuctions on each screen to complete the booking.  Within a few clicks, the process is completed.

Newman College uses PTO for:

  1. Parent/Teacher meetings after formal reporting periods
  2. Course Selection interviews (Years 10 into 11)
  3. Uniform Shop bookings (incoming students)

Key Dates

Key dates are published at relevant times of the year. There are no current key dates at present. 

Accessing PTO

  1. Click here to access PTO.
  2. Enter your login details.  (These login details are posted home when required.)
  3. Click here to access instructions on how to use PTO.

PTO Assistance

For any queries about Parent Teacher Online (PTO), please contact:

9387 9900 Marian Campus
9445 6789 Lavalla Campus
9204 9434 Marcellin Campus

Subject Selection Online

Subject Selection Online 

Subject Selection Online (SSO) is a web based program that Newman College students use to select courses for the following year.  The step-by-step process is as follows:

  • Students use their unique logins to access a secure internet link to Newman College's SSO site.
  • Students are guided through each decision they make in the step-by-step process.  Students are alerted if an error is made.
  • Parents sign the form electronically to complete the process.

Key Dates

Key dates are published at relevant times of the year. 

SSO dates for 2017 have not yet been set.

  SSO Open SSO Close
Y7 2017    
Y8 2017    
Y9 2017    
Y10 2017    
Y11 2017    

Accessing SSO

  1. Click here to access SSO.
  2. Enter your login details.  (These login details are posted home when required.)

SSO Assistance

For any queries about Subject Selection Online (SSO), please contact:

9204 9434 Marcellin Campus