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Teaching & Learning

IMG 4922In the Middle School, there is a focus on teaching students how to learn.  In addition to engaging with significant content and concepts within the major learning areas, students explore and develop a range of key learning skills and abilities  that are transferable to both current and future learning  experiences. These skills include locating and refining  information, forming questions, responding to scenarios from  a variety of perspectives and working both as an individual  and as part of a team. The Middle School curriculum comprises  two components which are the Common Program and the  Elective Program.


Common Program

Common Program

IMG 4931The Common Program reflects those subjects which all students study.  It places an emphasis on the development of Literacy and Numeracy skills. Subjects taught within this program include Religious Education, English, Humanities, Physical & Health Education, Mathematics, Science and Career Education.  80% of the available teaching time is allocated to the Common Program.

Elective Program

Elective Program

IMG 2099The Elective Program provides students with the opportunity to exercise a degree of choice about their learning. Within a structured framework, students pursue studies of their choice in the areas of The Arts, Physical & Health Education, Languages, Gifted and Talented Education and Technology and Enterprise. 20% of the available teaching time is allocated to the Elective Program.

Changing Electives

The College seeks to actively engage students in their learning. If students believes that they would benefit from changing one of their electives, they may request to do so prior to the commencement of the elective or up to the end of the fourth week of classes. Changes are not guaranteed and will always be dependent on class size and availability of the desired course on the timetable.


Resources and Publications

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