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Tuesday, October 25th 2016

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Yr 8 'Just Say No' Incursion

On Monday 24 October, the Year 8 students attended an Incursion called ‘Just Say No’. It was a presentation by Jade Lewis concerning drug and alcohol awareness and addiction.

The presentation was held during the students’ Development lessons, as the themes addressed by Jade complement some of the content covered by the College Counsellors in the Year 8 Development Program. In particular, our Counsellors will be following up the notions of drug and alcohol use, self concept and peer pressure with the students over the next few weeks.

Jade has presented at the College many times in recent years. The students found the honest nature of her story powerful and engaging.

Jade’s key message for the students is about understanding what their personal standard is regarding the use of drugs and alcohol so they are prepared with a response when or if it is offered to them. She also refers to having an ‘exit strategy’ if they find themselves in situations that they feel uncomfortable with.

Jade also has a publication for parents called ‘Under Your Influence’. If any families are keen to read that book, or if you would like to seek some further advice, please contact myself or the Counsellors.

Should you wish to seek some further information, Jade’s website is

Lauren Hunt, Head of Year 8

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