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Thursday, April 30th 2015

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Year 6 Camp Update

Year 6 Camp Update
The students and staff are enjoying mild weather for the annual Year 6 camp. They are having fun with the challenges presented each day. The skills of team work and encouragement they are learning has been fun, valuable and challenging all at the same time. The students are all well and thriving in the different learning environment. We look forward to hearing all the stories on their return on Friday afternoon.
The recreation camp is situated near Waroona Dam, 7km east of the Waroona town site and bordering the State Forest. It is strategically placed to take full advantage of spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The Forest Edge Recreation Camp will provide opportunities for your child to work cooperatively as part of a team, under the supervision of teachers and experienced camp coordinators, to foster self-esteem and teamwork.
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