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Wednesday, March 23rd 2016

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Year 9 Lumen Excursion Highlights

Throughout this term, our Year 9 Lumen elective class, ‘Beyond Thinking’, has been exploring the Philosophy of Aesthetics, questioning the definitions of art and beauty. On the Friday 11 March, we embarked on our journey to Sculptures by the Sea exhibition to explore these ideas in a practical setting. In case you don’t know what the exhibition is, here is a summary; Sculptures by the Sea is an event held at Cottesloe Beach. Artists, both local and international, bring their sculptures to the beach and enter the competition, as an added bonus, the public can come and view the sculptures.
Some of the sculptures were humorous, others had deep messages and meanings, whereas others were purely for the aesthetic. They were made out of a range of materials including wood, iron, copper casting, stone, plastic, driftwood and recycled materials.
We also met some of the artists, including Tim Burns and Elyssa Sykes-Smith. We were lucky enough to be able to listen to them talk about their projects and the meaning behind them. For example, Elyssa Sykes-Smith spoke about the meaning behind her sculpture saying that it symbolised broken pieces putting themselves back together. She used small pieces of wood to create her sculpture and it proved that anything can really be used to make art.
We recommend going and having a look at the sculptures as they are a beautiful sight to see. They will make you think and give you a new perspective on art and how you define beauty. We would also like to thank Ms Rose and Mr Richards for organising the excursion.
Megan Pethick, Indiana Bell and Elizabeth Adams, Year 9 Students

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