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Wednesday, August 31st 2016

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Year 9 Claymations

Students were given the task of creating their own claymation to impart an important value or moral message to children or teenagers in society today.
As part of this project, student’s needed to investigate and explore the clay animation or ‘claymation’ industry.
They deconstructed and analysed professional and amateur claymations, looking at how these productions are created and how they are packaged to suit an audience. The students used various research and brainstorming techniques to help build ideas for their own claymations and pitched the final, original idea to an audience to seek approval and feedback before production.
The challenge was how students used the form of claymation to create an original, comical and influential product in order to teach a modern audience an important value or moral message.
The year 9s have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and loved having the opportunity to work with the cameras, tripods and clay. The finished products can be viewed here.
Nina Battalis, Teacher of English, Media and Art

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