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Wednesday, December 7th 2016

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Year 9 and 10 Retreat Days

As part of the College Faith Development Program, the Year 9 and 10 cohorts participated in a retreat day which engaged them in a range of activities including meditation, group discussion/sharing, team building exercises and a group liturgy.

Year 9 "Emmaus" Retreat Day
The day is centred around the scriptural story of "The Road to Emmaus" [Luke 24:13-35] and enables students to reflect on the role of God in their life and recognising those "God Moments".
The day focused on the student’s personal journey through life, where they have come from and where they see themselves in the future.

Year 10 "Damascus" Retreat Day
The day is centered around the scriptural story of St Paul’s experience on the road to Damascus. The conversion of Paul on the Damascus Road was one of the most dramatic moments in the Bible.
Students enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on the role of Jesus in their life, focusing on the mission of Christ and the call for social justice.

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