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Wednesday, May 17th 2017

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Year 8 Scitech Secondary Brainstorm Challenge Day

In Week 2, I was lucky enough to be one of 18 students from Year 8, invited to compete in the Scitech Secondary Brainstorm Challenge Day. The day consisted of students working in groups of three to complete different Science and Maths challenges. There were four different challenges that we completed throughout the day - an Astronomy quiz, a Maths Quest, an Engineering Challenge and a Science Lab problem.

Throughout the day, the Scitech instructors and volunteers would score us on many different things like teamwork and overall how well we completed the set activity. There was a leaderboard which showed us how we were doing and at the end of the day the top three groups received prizes.

My favourite challenge was the Astronomy quiz as we learnt a whole range of different, interesting facts about space and then we were quizzed on what we had to been taught. My second favourite thing was the food breaks especially lunch as we had pizza! Overall, the day was quite challenging but was also a whole load of fun. We would especially like to thank Mr Richards and Miss Battalis for supervising us on the day.

Danielle Wheeler, Year 8 Student

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