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Wednesday, December 16th 2015

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Year 8 Lumen Excursion – Landscape, Place and Space

Ten Year 8 students attended an excursion about Landscape, Place and Space on Wednesday 9 and Thursday 10 December.

On Wednesday we went to John XXIII College (with another group from Corpus Christi) where we first focused on maps and landscapes and then onto the difference between place and space. We were also taught that although we had knowledge of these concepts we, as philosophers, should question them sometimes.
On Thursday, along with JTC and Corpus Christi, we went to Kings Park to learn more about place and space but to also learn about the range of biological beings native to WA. We were lucky enough to participate in many different activities, including walking the indigenous trails and learning about how Aboriginal Australians use the land. We also worked with the Education Centre to collect, sort and tag seed samples for the Kings Park seed bank, preserving these plant species for the future. We also had the freedom to explore Kings Park and to question 'why' and do things for ourselves.
Over the course of the two days, we built a massive and long standing bond between the ten of us and with the students from JTC and Corpus Christi. We would like to thank Mr Richards for his help in organising and supervising the excursion, as it was a fantastic and unforgettable learning experience.
Maddie Edwards, Year 8 Student

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