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Thursday, June 23rd 2016

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Year 7 Cybersafety Presentation

The Year 7's will attend an interactive presentation on Thursday 23 June where students will be exposed to conversations like:

1. Discuss the different types of cyber bullying using emails, text messages, chat rooms, social networking sites and photos.
2. Why can cyber bullying be more harmful than face to face bullying?
3. Do you think more kids cyber bully because they can do it anonymously?
4. Discuss how a friendly joke can go too far and how to stop it.
5. Finding people you trust to talk about bullying issues can help enormously – problems do not seem so bad if you have somebody to share them with. Discuss how the character of Susan in the play could have achieved a better outcome.
6. Discuss cyber predators and how we can keep ourselves safe on the internet.
7. When does pretending to be someone else online go from being fun to hurting others? Like in the story of Lucy and Nick in the play.

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