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Monday, March 31st 2014

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Year 7 Camp Reports from the Students

Year 7 Camp Reports from the Students

My experience on camp was awesome. There were heaps of new people there and you learnt a lot about them when the days went by. I liked how you could stand up on the cannons. Archery was great but frustrating at times. Overall camp was excellent.
Lewis Yost (Thomas More)

Camp was a great experience for all Year 7 students to become more familiar with each other through team activities and a great opportunity to make new friends. We were able to challenge ourselves in some activities. It was a great camp.
Hudson Mitchell (Thomas More)

I think camp was fun and I really liked the activities. It was a really good experience and my favourite part was the flying fox.
Stephanie Liaros (Catherine)

Camp was great fun. A great way to meet new people, bond and chat with friends, learn different skills and work in teams. All the activities like flying on the flying fox, rock climbing, team beach building, beach art, surf life saving, kite making and archery were good. It was a great start to the year and I made so many new friends. I really enjoyed the experience and I would love to go again.
Jasmine Beale (Catherine)

I thought camp was fun because we got to know other people better. It was awesome to do all the activities like the surf skis, rock climbing. My two favourite were the surf live saving and the flying fox. The good things about surf live saving were how we got to know how to save someone and flying fox was the best because it was high and fast.
Jacob Marcon (Catherine)

At camp we met the many nice people that work there. They didn’t tell you off when you didn’t understand what you were supposed to do. There was yummy food and I liked the flying fox.
Kyle Agostino (Chisholm)

I think camp was fantastic because we were with our friends and that was great. My favourite activity was when we went on the flying fox and for me the flying fox was scary because I am afraid of heights and the first time I went on and I was really scared.
Joshua Costa (Marcellin)

I thought that camp was a fantastic experience to meet new people and meet your guild. Camp was fun because we got to do the flying fox, rock climbing and had activities on the beach. We meet some of the coordinators from our camp site and we got to know our teachers outside of the classroom.
Jacinta Chesson (Chisholm)

I had a great time at camp doing all the amazing, heart-stopping activities at Woodman Point. I thought that the activities were so much fun and thrilling. Personally, I think that my favourite activities were the water activities and being with your friends the whole time.
Liam Kelly (Thomas More)

I really enjoyed the beach activities at camp and sharing a dorm with my friends. The beach activities included beach team building, paddling, beach art and surf life saving. Overall I really enjoyed camp and I wish we could do it all over again.
Erin Vicensoni (Thomas More)

Camp was awesome. All the activities were great fun and everyone had a wonderful time. People opened up more so you could see their personality. One of the best things I did was the ?ying fox because I was so scared, but I did it anyway and had three goes - it was awesome fun! The most amazing thing that happened surely had to be when we spotted the dolphin and pelican on the beach near the jetty. That was the best camp that I’ve ever been on!
Asha James (Marcellin)

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