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Tuesday, June 27th 2017

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Year 7 Camp Highlights

In Week 8, our Year 7 students participated in a 3-day camp at Woodman Point and a 2-day alternative Learning Program based at the College.

Woodman Point Camp
The camp at Woodman Point gave students the opportunity to challenge themselves across eight different activities. From the physical challenges of the flying fox and vertical challenge, to the problem-solving challenge of the orienteering. Camps offer great opportunities for learning in a relaxed atmosphere away from the academic learning of school. Waiting in line for a meal or trying to sleep in a dormitory with others teaches students how to live and work with other people.

At the commencement of each camp, students were asked to be inclusive of each other. Whether encouraging each other to climb to the top of the vertical challenge, or inviting a student who seems alone to sit down with them at their table. Our mantra was ‘no student sits alone’. Whilst on camp I witnessed the students meeting these challenges. Camps are also about good fun, allowing students to run around and hang-out together with their class mates.

School Based Program
Back at the College, each group had an opportunity to work with the 24:7 Faith Ministry Team. 24:7 Youth Ministry is a network of high school aged youth groups that operate across Catholic parishes and Catholic colleges across Perth. Here students were asked to reflect on their life journey with their family, themselves, their classmates, and with God.

Students were also engaged in many activities across each of the learning areas offered at the College. These included Science, Mathematics, English, Physical Education and a session on Digital Citizenship and use of the Library. Each activity was designed around deepening their engagement with different learning areas.

By all reports, the students had a lot of fun both in school and at camp. May I take this opportunity to thank the Staff and Students for their participation during Camp Week. A lot of effort goes into organising and running these programs – by my observations and feedback received, the students enjoyed and benefited immensely from these opportunities presented to them.

Michelle Lloyd, Leader of Wellbeing, Year 7

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