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Friday, December 4th 2015

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Year 7 Art and Philosophy Day Excursion

On Friday 20 November, Jack Towie, Jane Johnston, Annaliese Hurba and myself embarked on an excursion to the Art Gallery of Western Australia for the Year 7 Art and Philosophy Day. At the gallery we went into groups consisting of around seven student from multiple schools around Perth, and discussed philosophical ideas about the two different art pieces we were interpreting.
We were guided through our discussion from the Gallery’s guides, who gave us some fantastic insights into the different works. After these discussions, each group received a mystery question to contemplate, as we were guided around one of the collections in the gallery. We then had to convey our ideas on what we believed was the answer to the question. One of the more interesting questions was: ‘Do we need to understand art to enjoy it?’ At the conclusion of the day, we all got back together and each group expressed our group’s ideas to all the students, staff and teachers.
The best part of the excursion was eating muffins! I think I devoured over one hundred. All in all we had an adventurous and enjoyable time, where we all began to think differently about art. Thanks to Mr Richards for organising the excursion and to Mrs Wills for her help with supervising us on the day.
Luke Di Donna, Year 7 ‘Big Thinking’ Student

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