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Tuesday, August 2nd 2016

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Year 3 Olympian Visit

Year 3 Olympian Visit

In light of the upcoming Olympic Games, the Yr 3’s enjoyed a special visit from former swimming Olympian Fiona Wildy who shared stories about her Olympic journey in 1988.
Fiona spoke to the children about proper eating habits, training and the importance of discipline which were key factors to her success.
The children got to see photos of Fiona competing and what the Olympic Village in Seoul, South Korea looked like. Fiona also brought in the different uniforms the Australian team wore, medals she won throughout her career and the Olympic torch she proudly carried at the torch relay prior to the Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Olympic Games in 2000.
After Fiona’s presentation, the Yr 3’s got to hold their own Olympic torch relay where each student received the torch and passed it onto the next person.
Many thanks to Fiona for speaking to the Yr 3’s and educating us on what it takes to become an Olympian.

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