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Wednesday, September 21st 2016

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Year 12 Leavers Day

The final day of formal schooling for the Year 12 student body is Wednesday 21 September. Strict guidelines have been established to make this day a pleasant and memorable one, as listed below.
• No student in Year 12 may interfere with the learning or physical safety of any other person, nor may they deface or vandalise property belonging to Newman College or members of our community. This applies equally to behaviour both in and out of school.
• Any Year 12 student who is on College property out of school hours, or out of those hours required by an extra-curricular activity authorised by the College, will be immediately denied the opportunity to graduate with the rest of the Year 12 group.
• It has been pointed out to the Year 12 students that the celebration at the end of their twelve years of schooling should not be spoiled or put their graduation in jeopardy by thoughtless behaviour.
• Any student who does not adhere to the regulations mentioned above, may jeopardise their attendance to the Valedictory Ceremony and may be sent home.
• We recommend extra care by all Year 12 student drivers travelling to and from school on the final day of Term 3 and on the day of the Valedictory celebrations. We would prefer that the students made alternative arrangements for transport on these days.
Mr Simon Kanakis, Head of Secondary

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