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Thursday, March 31st 2016

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Year 12 ATAR Drama Production

On Wednesday 23 March, the Year 12 ATAR Drama students performed excerpts from "Two Brothers" by Hannie Rayson in the new Marist Auditorium.

The play followed the Benedict brothers who are on opposite sides of the political divide. Eggs is the Minister for Home Security and Prime Minister-In-Waiting. Tom is a refugee advocate and the head of a charitable foundation. The brothers have a relationship based on affection and respect. And in the jumble of family life they have managed to accommodate their ideological differences. However on Christmas Day, an Indonesian fishing boat packed with refugees goes down in the Indian Ocean. 250 people drown, and one man survives. What happens when two powerful, passionate and socially-committed brothers encounter deadly conflict?
Congratulations to our students who performed brilliantly on the night.
Beth Legg, Drama Teacher

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