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Thursday, March 17th 2016

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Year 11 Religion and Life Tour Highlights

Each year all Year 11 students are given the opportunity to visit various religious sites around Perth in order to experience and gain a greater understanding of some Non-Christian world religions. This excursion plays a vital role in their study of Religion and Life.
Below is a students reflection on the day:
On Wednesday 9 March, the Year 11 students visited a number of religious sites as part of our Religion and Life course. I had the pleasure of going to Fo Guang Shan - a Buddhist temple in Maylands. Before entering the temple itself, we were asked to remove our shoes to show respect, and to prevent the transport of dirt into the sacred site.
The temple was beautiful inside, with over 5000 icons of Buddha present throughout. Through our volunteer guide Mioux, we learnt that Buddhism centres largely on compassion, love and understanding. Mioux also mentioned that Buddhists are challenged to “do good deeds, speak good words and think good thoughts” which is a common mantra of Buddhism. I found not only the serenity of the temple uplifting, but also the welcoming nature of Buddhism, striking. We were told many times that everyone is welcome - even if it is just to spend some time in the peace and quiet of the temple. I hope to spend some time there again soon.
Year 11 Student

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