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Tuesday, November 18th 2014

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Year 10 Outdoor Education Camp

Year 10 Outdoor Education Camp

The Year 10's travelled to Wellington National Park for our Outdoor Education Camp for three days on the 11 - 13 of November. It was an amazing experience, not only for me but for the rest of those who attended and we all strived to try all the activities on the camp.
First up, we went straight to the rafts to take on the rapids of the Collie River. For me personally, it was scary but super exciting at the same time. Everyone enjoyed themselves going down the rapids, nature's roller coaster.
Despite the fact that abseiling is not for everyone, especially if you are scared of heights, we all took part and felt proud of ourselves afterwards. The hike up to the abseiling was a trek! It felt like we had been walking for days, however it had only been a few hours.
Our next activity was to build a raft! We only had 30 minutes to build a the structure out of two logs,two pipes and 5 water containers. The dread of knowing that you are going to go into the icy cold water no matter how well the raft was structured was frightening.
We did however learn survival skills just in case we did capsize/sink.
Everyone would have taken away at least one thing from camp. For example we learnt how to light a fire, collect water and how to work out which way is North to mention a few. It might have been something as simple as the importance of bringing a sleeping mat, learning how to work with people you don’t usually work with or in my case, how much food to bring for three days.
Overall this camp was a great experience with a great bunch of people.
Victoria Spencer, Year 10

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