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Wednesday, May 11th 2016

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Year 10 Lumen Academy Conferences Excursion Highlights

Year 10 Lumen Academy Conferences Excursion Highlights

On Monday 9 May, nine students from the Year 10 Lumen course, ‘Philosophical Thinking’, attended the 2016 Academy Conferences, held at St. Hilda’s Anglican School.
The conference was hosted by Julie Arliss, who is a lecturer at King’s College in England and works in association with Oxford University. Another lecture was also presented by Jeffrey Hodges who is a Sports Psychologist and Performance Consultant, working with athletes to realise their potential through success.
The full day lecture consisted of talks about many diverse philosophical questions such as: ‘Who am I?’, ‘What can I hope for?’, ‘What can I know?’ and ‘What ought I do?’. These discussions were all presented by Julie Arliss, who lead us through these complex issues in a way that was interesting and easy to understand. She raised a number of interesting questions on knowledge, encouraging us to reconsider how we know what we know. She also led the group through an exploration of moral and ethical questions that apply to our world.
Jeffrey Hodges spoke about beliefs and how people are influenced by their beliefs and what they can do to change negative beliefs about themselves into positive ones.
The day concluded with a debate on the questions of whether ‘This house believes that the existence of God can be known’ which was presented by both Julie and Jeffrey. Following their presentation of different sides of the debate, students were also able to voice their opinions on the topic. The students greatly enjoyed the lectures and found them very interesting. We also would like to thank Mr Richards for organising the excursion for the group.
Caitlyn Butler, Year 10 Student

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