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Thursday, March 19th 2015

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Walk In Her Shoes Update: 13km down, 12 to go!

Walk In Her Shoes Update: 13km down, 12 to go!

So far the girls have walked over 13km this week. That's more than from here at Newman to Burswood. Yesterday morning was in light rain and as Meg Hobson in year 7 said, "It would be the same for girls in other countries too" so it's great to see them thinking about the experience of women and girls the world over.

Most of the girls have been here at 7.00am each morning where we walk for an hour and again at lunch-time on the oval for about 25 minutes.
Those that have had trouble making it to the morning sessions because of transport or other commitments like Swimming or Basketball have been catching up in their own time.

If you would like to support us, the girls and I would really appreciate any contribution you can make.

Thanks for your support and encouragement of the girls over the past week.

Clare Rose, Teacher

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