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Thursday, September 17th 2015

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Tournament of Minds

This year, Newman entered four Secondary teams in the Tournament of the Minds; a problem-solving programme that allows students across Years 7-10 to work together on presenting a creative solution to a challenge.

Three of the teams participated in the Social Sciences Challenge, and one in the Maths Engineering.
The Maths and Engineering Challenge was to create a device that could carry a specific cargo through a pre-decided course with no visible means. The group created an ingenious device and a really entertaining script. The judges were very impressed by their creation, taking photos of their engineering ideas to show as a creative interpretation of the challenge.
The Social Sciences challenge consisted of writing a Skit of a Reality TV Show within which three historical figures competed to stay within recorded history, with the remainder being deleted from all known records, and/or from existence completely. The teams worked on these challenges throughout the first six weeks of Term 3, with the regional finals, where the solutions that the teams came up with were presented and judged, taking place on Saturday 29 August.
On the presentation day, which took place at Edith Cowan University in Joondalup, there was also a spontaneous challenge. This challenge presented teams with a situation where a mix up in a dictionary company had left a word scrambled and meaningless, and the team had to show their teamwork skills by creating a word from seven given letters, and a definition.
Overall, it was a fun and challenging experience, made even better by the opportunity to work with students across different year levels. We would like to thank Mr Richards for all of his help in organising the teams, aswell as Mr Arnold and Mrs O’Connor for their assistance with different teams along the journey.
Elisabeth Metcalf, Year 8 Student
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