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Tuesday, September 6th 2016

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Tournament of Minds Competition Highlights

On Saturday 27 August, teams from all over Western Australia competed in the Tournament of Minds competition. The Regional Finals were held at ECU Joondalup, with teams from both Primary and Secondary schools competing in four different subjects; Maths and Engineering, Science and Technology, Language and Literature and Social Sciences.

Newman College had two teams competing in the Maths and Engineering and Language and Literature challenges. The subject that I competed in, along with many of my comrades, was the Maths and Engineering challenge which required students to think about the Mathematics of the golden ratio and challenged teams to construct a machine that can test all rectangles to suit the golden ratio (x divided by y = 1.618 where x and y are the 2 different side lengths of the rectangle). In addition, teams had to construct a performance to demonstrate the purpose for the machine as well as display it.

Our team took many of histories greatest minds including Shakespeare, King Midas and Steven Hawking where they encountered many obstacles in search for this magical machine.

The Language and Literature team were asked to choose four figures from literary history to invite to a dinner party, explaining their topics of conversation and what type of food they would bring to the party.

The second part of the day was a Spontaneous Challenge, where our teams had 15 minutes to use our teamwork and communication skills to prepare a creative solution to a challenge that we had never seen before.

Overall, the Tournament of Minds was a great experience not only for me but for everyone who participated. It was a great way of using a strenuous and boring Mathematical equation in such an enjoyable way.

Last week, we found out that we were awarded Honours for our team’s presentation. This meant that we finished in the top five in the state for our division, something which we were very proud of. I would greatly encourage any students from any year group to get involved in the future! Our teams would like to thank Mr Richards for his work in helping us to prepare for the event.

Jacob Arto, Year 9 Student

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