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Wednesday, September 13th 2017

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Tournament of Minds 2017 Highlights

For the past three years, I have participated in the Tournament of the Minds (ToMs). Tournament of the Minds is a problem solving competition made to test brains from Years 3-6 (Primary Program) and Years 7-10 (Senior Program). The competition comprises of a long-term challenge and a spontaneous challenge on the day. For the long-term challenges, students can choose from four categories. These categories are; Science and Technology, Language and Literature, Maths and Engineering and Social Sciences. Participants are given six weeks to come up with a solution to the long term challenge and must devise a script and performance to display the solution to the adjudicators.

This year, our team competed in the Social Sciences challenge. There was one Social Sciences group from Newman and two Maths and Engineering teams. The challenge required us to try and combat over-population by creating artificial islands. We needed to select two countries to be merged as a new community on our island. My team chose India and Fiji, to create ‘Infijia’, and we spent the next six weeks creating the new community based on the cultures, religions, languages and traditions of our chosen countries. The Maths and Engineering groups were faced with creating a lottery machine that had to be rigged to choose out a series of designated numbers. This was definitely a tough challenge for these groups!

On Saturday 26 August, we presented our solution to the judges and tackled the spontaneous challenge at the State Challenge Day, which was held at ECU Joondalup. The Tournament of the Minds program is so beneficial for students, especially those who are keen on performing and thinking outside the box. It is a great opportunity and I encourage anyone in Years 7-10 next year to come and join us to battle another one of the challenges.

I would like to thank Mr Richards on behalf of all the students that participated in the competition for the amazing support that he gave us throughout the weeks and the extra time he spent at school for us.

Meg Hobson, Year 9

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