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Friday, July 21st 2017

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Term 3 Week 1: From the Deputy Principal | Mission and Catholic Identity

Newman College Ministry Plan and Youth Group Update
In 2016, members of the College community were invited to participate in preparing the framework for the Newman College Ministry Plan. In 2017, the Ministry Plan will be officially launched in conjunction with the College’s Vision for Learning, Shine Through Discovery (Matthew 5:16).

Framing and animating Youth Ministry is an integral component of this Ministry Plan, which will be supported and driven by the establishment of a PK-12 Ministry group, with the input of our parent community. In Semester 2, the College will seek to develop both a weekly parish-partnered Youth Group, and a Youth Ministry Strategy that supports the re-framing of a College service-learning program. This is an exciting time for Newman College, and in the coming term I look forward to updating you further on the development of this significant component of our overarching Catholic identity.

Philippines Immersion 2017
In 2016 Newman College undertook its first Philippines Immersion. In 2017, and fittingly with the theme of our Marist Bicentenary year, ‘Awaken’, Newman College will again undertake a Year 11 Immersion to the Philippines. Significantly, 2017 represents a unique opportunity for us to partner with one of our fellow Western Australian Marist communities; St Joseph’s, Northam. Following a process of application and interview, the College has invited the following Year 11 students to undertake the 2017 Philippines Immersion:

2017 Immersion Pilgrims Thomas Binning
• Alexia Carlino
• Laura Crellin
• Ruby Devlin
• Saskia Doran
• Kieran Easden
• Chris Heelan
• Haylee Hulbert
• William Kent
• Cassandra Ledger
• Tia Scott (St Joseph’s, Northam)

As a PK-12 community, opportunities to participate in the Immersion are extended to all staff across the College. Following a process of application and interview, the following Newman College staff have been invited to journey with our Year 11 students throughout the 3 month preparation course, and the Immersion itself:
• Mrs Rebecca Bramanto (Marcellin Campus)
• Mr Ben Grose (Leader of Wellbeing, Year 11)
• Ms Shaunna Kilcullen (Marian Campus)
• Mr Daniel Lynch (Deputy Principal | Mission & Catholic Identity)

Additional Immersion in 2018 – Indigenous Australia
Throughout the College’s 2017 Immersion discernment, a recurring need was identified to begin preparations to expand the College’s Immersion Program to include an additional Immersion to Indigenous Australia in 2018. Ms Kate Warchmoij (Leader of Wellbeing Years 3–6) has been invited to begin planning this Immersion, and will co-lead this group in 2018.
Please continue to keep these students and our teachers in your prayers as they begin their journey of formation and preparation.

Marist Youth Festival 2017 (Friday 30 June – Monday 3 July)


MYF17 was a vibrant four-day celebration of Catholic faith, expressed through the Marist charism, where young people aged 18-25 were inspired to deepen their relationship with God and strengthen their desire to serve as disciples of Christ and agents of change in today’s world.

Four Year 11 students; Anika Powers, Chris Heelan, Beth Redwood and Joseph Kavenagh attended to represent Newman College and were accompanied by Mrs Rebecca Bramanto and Mr Daniel Lynch. The following are some reflections of the experience of MYM 2017 from our year 11 students:

Throughout the festival, we learned that there is a significant Marist community throughout Australia, and we would like to create that sense of belonging here in Western Australia with its other Marist schools; Northam and Bunbury. We will work on creating events that will improve the cohesion between our Marist schools in WA.

Marist Youth Ministry is a big part of bringing together the Marist culture, currently there is no Ministry Team in WA. One of our main goals is to set up a team here so that all students can experience the Marist spirit that was so prominent during the festival.

Finally, we plan to create more ministry opportunities for both students and teachers, and plan to use the PCG period to actively contribute to organisations, as well as bringing in guest speakers to motivate our peers to be more involved in building our community.
- Chris Heelan (Year 11)

Throughout the four-day festival, we all gained a strong sense of the Marist charism and the Marist community. Being in Perth, we are quite isolated from the Marist community across Australia, so it was really important for us to learn more about what it means to be a “Marist” and how we can implement these Marist values at Newman College and into the wider community.

Over the trip we stayed at the well known school, Saint Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill. Everyone there was so amazingly kind and welcoming towards us and made us feel so comfortable. We even got a private tour to the top of the main building at Joeys!!

It was amazing to have 2016 graduates from Newman - Michael, Jacob, Molly, Dan and Georgia - there to help or give us advice. We’re sure they gained a lot of knowledge from the experience as well.
- Joseph Kavenagh (Year 11)

The Marist Youth Festival was organised by various guest speakers who each contributed powerful messages about leadership and service. Orange Sky Laundry came to discuss how doubts and obstacles did not impede them in their journey to creating a free mobile laundry service for the homeless. Lucas and Nic, the Orange Sky Laundry Co-Founders, have sacrificed their own careers to positively impact the lives of others, enlightening the audience with their story of dedication and faith.

Jessica Alampi shared her experience with struggling to find her vocation and purpose, showing us how through her own life she has learned that a career is not necessarily a vocation. She is now in her fourth year of working as a Youth Ministry Leader who continues to inspire young people to be agents of change.

The words of wisdom of Brother Tony Leon resonated with the audience as he emphasised the importance of having to chase the unfamiliar to be able to grow as a person. During his engaging presentation he taught us that “there is no them, him or her; there is only us”. All of the festivals’ participants have been given perspective through the many lessons that were shared during the week. We have certainly returned as awakened Marists.
- Anika Powers (Year 11)

Marist Youth Festival 2

Year 12 Retreat
In Week 10 of Term 2, each Year 12 students was given the opportunity to participate in the annual Year 12 Retreat. The retreat is a significant component to the Year 12 year, with the intent to provide each student the opportunity to closely consider their relationship with one another, and their journey in faith and hope. Thank your to Mr John Geekie (Leader of Wellbeing, Year 12), Mrs Jenny Lindsay (Retreat Planning), Mr Simon Kanakis (Facilitator), Mr Brad Young (Facilitator), Mrs Heather Tate (Manager), Br Terry and the 23 Staff who gave their time to journey with our Year 12s during this significant time in their journey at Newman College.

PrayerStudents Y12

Year 10 Damascus Days (Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 July)
This week, all Year 10 students had the opportunity to consider the call of Servant Leadership more closely under the guidance of the Youth Mission Team. The Damascus Days at Newman College are intentional formation opportunities through which the College seeks to create spaces for students to reflect, discern and come to consider closely the call to be in relationship with one another and to live the Gospel freely.

DamascusYouth Mission Team

Year of Youth – 2018

Year of Youth

2018 has been designated as the Year of Youth across the Catholic world. To support and build opportunities for our community to reach out and celebrate the gift of young people in both our faith community and society, a group of Newman staff will be attending the Perth Archdiocese Year of Youth networking night on Tuesday 25 July.

You can find out more about the Year of youth by clicking here.

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