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Friday, June 16th 2017

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Term 2 Week 8: From the Head of Secondary

Wellbeing Education
The role of Leader of Wellbeing PK-12 is new to the College. The establishment of a pastoral period once a week has made time available outside the academic curriculum for Liturgy, guild activities, learning around resilience and respect, study skills and exam preparation as well as opportunities for students to meet as groups.

As well as these initiatives, and in parallel with the Wellbeing Education that currently happens as part of the Health and Religious Education curriculum, a structured Wellbeing Program will be delivered through the Pastoral Care period during Semester Two. Each Year group will have a theme that will allow us to deliver developmentally appropriate learning activities.
The themes and outcomes are summarised below:

Semester 2

Learning materials are taken from informed research and reputable programs. I have provided links below to some of these materials.

Learning Materials

Leaders of Wellbeing will provide more details of these programs as they are delivered through Semester Two.

Children and Technology
As a short follow up to the Newman Parent’s workshop from Monday night on Children and Technology, I direct you to the Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner. This is a well-resourced site that provides excellent support for parents dealing with children in the modern technological world. One part of this site is devoted to popular social media sites and apps. Click here to read this information. Parents will find a wealth of valuable information here.

Year 10-12 Examinations
I would like to commend Year 10, 11 and 12 students on their conduct and efforts during the examination period. We use external invigilators for our exams and they always speak highly of the way Newman students conduct themselves. I encourage students and parents to reflect on their performance in the exams. It is important to celebrate success, however it is also important to realistically reflect on poor results and what they mean.

Marist Netball Carnival
I would like to wish the Newman Netball team well as they travel to Forbes in NSW to compete in the Marist Netball Carnival. The girls have worked extremely hard over the past 6 months in preparation for this tournament and they deserve every success.


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