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Friday, June 16th 2017

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Term 2 Week 8: From the Head of Primary

Mitch BristowIn my role of Head of Primary I am privileged to interview families who wish to send their child to Newman College. The interview process provides me with an opportunity to express our Vision for Learning, our commitment to the Catholic Faith, and to emphasise that for students to learn they must be joy filled.

At Newman College our students are provided many wonderful opportunities. Through the development of strong relationships and the analysis of data, we are able to offer our students an individualised education, one in which the expectation that the student will develop and grow to their full potential is fulfilled.

The wellbeing of our students is our focus and is vital to ensuring they are able to achieve their best at school and at home. The College is currently developing a Wellbeing Policy that highlights the importance of respect and clearly outlines the expectations for every student. This is supported by a curriculum taught in health that further promotes the wellbeing of our students. Below is an overview of what will be taught in Term 3.

Term 3

Annual Improvement Plan
Our staff are dedicated to improving their teaching to ensure the best learning outcomes for our students. Each unit has embarked on an action research project that focusses on an element from the Teaching and Learning strategic priority of our Annual Improvement Plan. This includes Vision for Learning, Systematic Curriculum Delivery, Assessment and Analysis and discussion of data. The units have implemented new initiatives, measured their success against student learning and have reflected on how they can improve their practice to improve student learning. It is important that we, as educators, continue to grow and I am extremely grateful to our staff for the hard work, professionalism and dedication they show our students, not just in this professional development process but in the course of every day

Champagnat Day
The Feast of our patron, Saint Marcellin Champagnat, was celebrated at both the Marian and Lavalla Campuses on Friday 2 June. The students joined with their buddies and completed fun activities centred on Saint Marcellin’s life and contribution to our faith. It is always a special time when students from each primary campus can connect for such an important day for Marists and for our College. Thank you to all staff for ensuring a fun day was had by all and thank you to all of the students for celebrating Saint Marcellin so beautifully.

Semester One Reports
The Semester One reports will be made available to parents through Seqta on Thursday 29 June at 4.00pm. This is the first formal way the College will acknowledge the learning journey your child has undertaken this year and the staff have been working to ensure the report is as accurate and comprehensive as possible. As a community working together for the best interest of every student, it is important that parents know they are always able to meet with the classroom teacher to discuss their child’s learning at any time.

What parents can expect:
• The report is addressed to the parents and outlines your child’s learning against the Australian Curriculum for Semester One.
• The judging standards used to assess learning are “end of year” standards so teachers use their professional judgment to determine each child's ability for this mid-way point.
• Each subject has a grade and an effort described.
• The General Comment at the end of the report is to give you a clear understanding of how your child has progressed this semester, areas for growth and celebrations.
What is a “normal” grade:
• The Australian Curriculum uses a 5 point scale to outline learning in each year level from A to E.
• The midway point C is where the Australian Curriculum determines each child should be in relation to its learning.
• Each child is unique and some work above and below this level. Because of this, the College offers many ways to both extend and support every student in the classroom.

IMG 9136Hard Work for Caritas
Imani Darbyshire from Year 4 Red and her friend Declan O’Brien ran a lemonade stand at Jo Darbyshire's (Aunt) home during the ArtWalk in Fremantle last Saturday. Joanne Darbyshire (Class of 1978) is a respected local artist with public works (Supreme Court, Fiona Stanley) and private collections. The enterprising pair, assisted by Declan's little sister Piper, helped Jo create a fun, warm, community welcome for ArtWalk participants while selling their homemade lemonade, popcorn and frangipanis. Imani and Declan raised $200 and have pledged a significant portion to Caritas.

Parent Access at Lavalla Campus
Parents are reminded to please use the front reception door at the Lavalla Campus when entering the office. This is to ensure the privacy and protection of our students who may be in the office. I appreciate your support in this matter.

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