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Friday, June 16th 2017

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Term 2 Week 8: From the Deputy Principal | Learning and Staff Development

Newman Parents
My sincere thanks to the parents and staff who attended the Newman Parents event on Monday night, hosted by Jordan Foster from ysafe. The session was very informative and gave great insight into having to balance the risks associated with a technology rich landscape with the benefits to learning, wellbeing and social interaction. Responsible digital citizenship and cybersafety is a focus for Wellbeing Programs across the College next semester, led by the Leaders of Wellbeing.

Digital Devices
From 2018, the College will move to a parent-funded model for the provision of a designated digital device for students in Years 7 and 10.

The parent funded model is designed to help students keep up with the 21st century learning and our Vision for Learning, where we seek to challenge, collaborate, create and celebrate student outcomes. Teaching has shifted to be a learner centred experience and as such, students use their devices as part of their everyday classroom experience. Students access information for research and to further understand key concepts and will be collaborating with one another through various forms of shared content and digital platforms. Students need their devices to interact with each other and the teacher for activities such as formative assessment, to gain feedback, quizzes, and discussions.

Part of having access to technology is learning how to appropriately use it not only in terms of what tech will best suit the task at hand, but also knowing what is morally and ethically appropriate to post, access and use. Helping students become responsible digital citizens will enhance not only what we do in the classroom, but also give students skills and experiences that will prepare them for life beyond school, their careers and their personal lives.

More details regarding the designated device for students in Years 7 and 10, will be available in Term 3. The College is working closely with providers so that the packages, including finance and insurance, are best suited to the learning needs of students.

LEADing Lights
Catholic Education Western Australia is undergoing a system wide digital transformation. It will make student life a great deal easier and more efficient. Instead of using different programs for different classes, students will login into the system and access everything they need in the one place. LEADing Lights will keep students on track and on task by reminding them when tests are scheduled, classroom changes and even making study recommendations. Click here to read more about LEADing Lights.

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