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Wednesday, May 31st 2017

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Term 2 Week 6: From the Head of Secondary

Absences from the College
The single most important factor, over which the College has control, is the teacher in the classroom. A number of strategies have been put in place in 2017 to ensure students spend as much time in the classroom as possible. These include:

  1. A review of all excursions that occur within the College.
  2. The introduction of a timetabled period (extended pastoral period) each week where students can meet and work through a wellbeing program without missing academic classes.
  3. Commencing lessons at 8.45am and holding students accountable to this starting time. This change has resulted in a decrease of over 50% in lateness to school.

Of concern is the student absence that the College has no control over. For the year to date (26/05/17) absences in Years 7-12 total 3,622 days. The table below contains a summary of the makeup of these days.

Summary of Absence

The data for holidays does not include National/International Sporting Representation or compassionate leave. This means 10% of all absences from the College are by parental choice. I ask parents to carefully consider the impact of absences on student performance when planning to remove students from the College. The other 15% are for non-medical reasons where parents keep student home but provide no reason.

If we are to be a College of excellence, we must maximise the opportunities for students to be in class with a teacher in front of them.

A reminder to parents that students should always fully charge their MacBooks overnight to enable full functionality of the device during class throughout the school day. Battery saving tips can be found here.

Students are permitted to bring their laptop chargers to school if necessary. These should be kept in their lockers, and not carried in the laptop bag, which is designed to hold the MacBook only. Students needing to charge their MacBooks during the day, who do not have a charger with them, are permitted to come to the Siena Learning Centre to use chargers at the charging bench, but must not leave the MacBook unattended. Loss or damage to the charger or MacBook remains the responsibility of the student/parent as outlined in the Student MacBook agreement.

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