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Friday, June 2nd 2017

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Term 2 Week 6: From the Deputy Principal | Mission and Catholic Identity

Champagnat Festival Day 2017-36

Feast of St Marcellin Champagnat
Tuesday 6 June 2017 is the Feast Day of St Marcellin Champagnat, the founder of the Marist Brothers and of Marist Education. In 2017, the Marist Institute is celebrating its Bicentenary year. To mark this very special day in the life of the international Marist Institute, our PK-12 College Community will be celebrating the Feast of St Marcellin Champagnat across the College on Friday 2 June. As one of 52 Marist schools across Australia, the Feast of St Marcellin Champagnat is an opportunity for all members of our College community to gather, give thanks, and to celebrate our shared Marist identity.

On Friday 2 June, classroom and Guild activities, and the Champagnat Day Fete at the Marcellin Campus, will be raising funds for Australian Marist Solidarity. Families can learn more about the work of Australian Marist Solidarity online:

Click here to see more photos from the day.

Additional Mass – Champagnat Day Tuesday 6 June
To mark the Feast Day of St Marcellin Champagnat on Tuesday 6 June, a Mass will be held in the Champagnat Chapel at 8.10am. The Mass will be hosted by students from 6 Green and the Marcellin Guild. All parents, students and families are invited to attend. Light refreshments will be served following Mass.

Sacramental Information – Celebrating the Sacraments at Newman College
As the time for the reception of the Sacraments of Confirmation, Eucharist and Reconciliation approaches, you are asked to notify the College once your child receives each of these Sacraments, to ensure that this data can be added to our records. Upon their reception of each Sacrament, your child will receive a certificate. Please scan or photograph this certificate and email it to Flora Hughes, Registrar

Newman College and the Marist Association will also acknowledge this significant event in your child’s Faith Journey at Assemblies throughout the year through the presentation of the College’s certificate of acknowledgement.

Newman College Philippines Immersion Experience – Catholic eRecord
Recently, Year 12 students as well as Miss Genna Spadaccini and Mr Mathew Puljiz were interviewed regarding their experience in undertaking the 2016 Philippines Immersion experience with Mr Finnran. Our staff and students have reflected on their experiences with the eRecord, and we share these reflections with our broader College community. Click here to read the article.

IMG 2549Year 3 Reconciliation Retreat – Wednesday 24 May
On Wednesday 24 May, the Year 3 students took time out of their regular timetable to attend a whole day’s retreat with the 24:7 Youth Ministry Team in preparation for receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation for the first time. The team engaged the students with purposeful interactive activities that consolidated the learning program taught by the classroom teachers. Activities included experiments, games, role play, discussions and prayerful reflection to make the Sacrament meaningful for the students. Thanks to Mrs Dianne Grinbergs for organising the day and to Mr Mario Borg and his team at 24:7 Youth Ministry for their excellent facilitation. Click here to see more photos from the day.
- Mr Drew Elliot – Year 3

IMG 2501Year 6 Caritas Just Leadership Day
Student reflections:

My Favourite activity was when we did brain gym with Mrs Finneran because it was challenging but still FUN! I also liked the part when we lit a candle and wrote a prayer to God and then stuck it onto a special sheet. I also liked when we did pick a box because we went up to the front and danced in front of everyone. In one of the boxes we had to make a tippy tap and fill it with corn.
- Lucy Curtis - 6 Blue

‘How my faith journey has grown after Leadership Day’

Before Leadership Day, my faith was not very strong compared to everyone else's. I felt very thankful for Mrs Finneran opening my mind and heart by explaining to us how lucky we are in our life compared to the people living in poverty all around the world. My faith has grown by thinking about others before myself just like Jesus did.
– Jessica Karamfiles - 6 Blue

Year 6 were involved in a Just Leadership Day in the Marist Auditorium hosted by Mrs Finneran. She came dressed in a Wonder Woman costume, pretending she was Wonder Woman ready to change the world. We started the day with a prayer that was a song (by the way she has an amazing voice and she is really good at playing the guitar). Our first activity was a drama activity where we had to act out emotions, it was so funny watching all the other people being silly and having a good time. We then had to make mixed groups and move to our tables.

We were involved in many fun activities, we had to write and describe what we wanted our world to be like and choose four people who show good leadership to us. Music and dancing helped guide us through and choose the activities of the day. We did a quiz on Caritas and if you got a question right we were rewarded with lollies and chocolates being thrown to us.

Mrs Finneran shared with us how to make a tippy tap. A tippy tap is a device that allows people in Africa to make clean water. We all had a go at making one out of a bag of materials. Some were more successful than others.

After lunch we had some time to reflect and write a prayer on a love heart. We placed the prayer on a banner. The rest of the afternoon we read the Caritas stories from Project Compassion and made a 'freeze frame' to represent the meaning of the story.
- Holly McCarney, Olivia Gatto & Jasmine Ferraro – 6 Red

Our highlight of the day was the 'pick a box, activity. We danced to music and chose a box which decided our topic to discuss. The best topic was learning about the tippy tap which is a device to make clean water. We were all given a variety of materials to try and make our own tippy tap. We learnt how we can make a difference and support Caritas and poor people in other countries.
- Sean Heaney and Chrisitian Offenburg – 6 Red

Click here to see more photos from the day.

Project Compassion 2017 – supporting the work of Caritas Australia
In Lent 2017, Newman College supported Caritas Australia by raising $21, 708. 60 for Project Compassion. Recently at the Lavalla Campus Assembly and the Marcellin Campus Assemblies, our College proudly welcomed Mr John Bouffler (Member of the Caritas Committee for WA and the National Caritas Council) and Mrs Anita Finneran (Justice Educator- WA/NT) to accept our donation on behalf of Caritas Australia. Both Mr Bouffler and Mrs Finneran shared with our community the significance of a donation of this nature, as well as the impact such generosity can have on the lives of those who are supported in development projects undertaken by Caritas. On Friday 9 June Deacon Paul Reid (Diocesan Director/Community Participation Leader) will speak at the Marian Campus Assembly.

Newman CollegeIMG 6867

Marist Staff Retreat – Thursday 25 May
The Phase #1 Retreat is an opportunity for staff members to slow down from the busyness of school routine and family life and share stories of a significant event in their lives which somehow transformed them or gave them a sense of purpose. We then look at extracts from a booklet produced by Br Joseph Schmidt, which offers guidance on how all of our experiences can be brought to our prayer. Br Joseph would maintain that “praying our experiences is praying to know ourselves as God knows us in a particular experience in our life and to accept ourselves as God accepts us.” The staff relish the opportunity of getting to know one another around the meal table and in the group sharing. They also enjoy the opportunity for periods of quiet, reflective time on their own.
- Br Terry Orrell – Campus Minister

2017 Phase 1 Staff Retreat

Year 7 Reflections Days – 2017
As part of the school-based programme for all Year 7 students during the days that they are not on camp, our students will be participating in a Reflection Day. The Year 7 Reflection Days will be facilitated by the youth ministry team from 24:7 Youth Ministry, and will focus on providing our Year 7 students with the opportunity to stop and pause at this mid-point of their first year of high school, to reflect on the gifts of family, our College, and their own journey of faith. Our invitation to all students in Year 7 is that they come to appreciate the responsibility for serving those in and beyond our community with a love that is inspired through Jesus.

Dates: Reflection Day #1: Monday 12 June and Reflection Day #2: Friday 16 June
Time: 8.45am – 3.30pm
Venue: Marist Auditorium

The Reflection Days are part of regular attendance at school, and all students are expected to attend.

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