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Thursday, February 23rd 2017

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Term 1 Week 4: From the Deputy Principal | Learning and Staff Development

Where We Learn

IMG 5020Traditional ideas about learning are often supported by traditional spaces that reflect pedagogy and a learning vision from a different time. The days where the teacher was the keeper of knowledge, and where ‘chalk and talk’ reinforced the teacher’s role as the only expert in the room are shifting. We now have the responsibility of guiding our students towards the idea that they are part of a global and connected world of active learners, that their jobs and opportunities are informed by an ever-changing landscape of technology, automation and that new information is generated at an inconceivable rate. Where we learn, is becoming increasingly important as we seek to build skills of collaboration, critical thinking and creativity into our students and teachers, beyond the walls of our classrooms.

IMG 5013In 2017, Newman College has prototyped flexible learning spaces across each of its three Campuses. These learning spaces seek to support the traits of the 21st century learner; students who learn as part of a group, who are creative and analytical, who learn by doing and students who learn anywhere, anytime. The spaces are flexible and adaptable, allowing for the movement of teachers and students from direct instruction and group work to individual work. Choice in seating and grouping, coupled with rich technology, both support and promote the skills of presentation and collaboration.

IMG 04361Our Vision for Learning, Shine through Discovery will inform our learning spaces as we move into the future. Teacher Leaders and Heads of Department are seeking feedback from teachers and students regarding the value that contemporary, flexible and modern spaces bring to learning.

I look forward to continually reflecting and working with our teachers and students to explore and design the best spaces for them and their learning.

Lisa Fogliani
DEPUTY PRINCIPAL | Learning and Staff Development

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