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Tuesday, November 10th 2015

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Summer school for Science Olympian Danai

Danai Makova (Year 11) has been invited to attend the Australian Science Olympiad Summer School for Chemistry in Canberra over January 2016.

Her invitation is the result of successfully completing an Exam in both Chemistry (where she was awarded a Gold Medal) and Physics (where she was awarded a distinction) that followed months of training at Murdoch University during Terms 1&2. A Gold Medal is awarded to the top third of 'High Distinction’ awards.
To my knowledge, Newman has not had a student attend this program before, which, apart from encouraging awareness and understanding of the Sciences, is designed to select a team of students to represent Australia at the World Science Olympiad next year.
Yesterday Danai was formally presented with her Gold Medal by Newman College Principal, Mr Bernie Boss and was congratulated for her outstanding efforts and her dedication to the field of Science.
We wish her well with the forthcoming program.
Mr Brad Young, Head of Science
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