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Monday, May 25th 2015

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Sorry Week

Sorry Week

This week the College has acknowledged Sorry Week.

The week commenced with the raising of the Indigenous Flag at a simple ceremony attended by Mr Boss and members of the Social Awareness and Action Group. During this ceremony we acknowledged that whilst we may not have played a part in any of the atrocities dealt out to our Indigenous brothers and sisters, we must strive to find ways to help them overcome the deep pain and bitterness they still feel as a result of these atrocities.
The reading from the Gospel of Matthew reminded us that we are called to take care of those who are hungry, thirsty, sick or isolated. We need to be firm in our resolve to do this.
On Tuesday, 22 Yr 7-12 students who are involved with social action and awareness at the College, attended a Sorry Day event which was held in Weliington Square, Perth CBD. All schools were invited to attend this event.
Students got to partake in a number of activities including face painting, making head bands and bracelets, traditional dance, and basket weaving. Students were also privileged to listen to a number of guest Indigenous speakers where they learnt some of the Noongar language and traditional Indigenous culture.
The understandings our students will take away are invaluable and they look forward to implementing these lessons within the Newman Community.
Jenny Lindsay, Social Awareness and Action Mentor
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