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Tuesday, December 16th 2014

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Second-hand book sale – Marcellin Campus

Parents need to be aware of the changes to the conduct of what used to be an annual second-hand book sale. This will now operate in the form of a 'swap meet' and will be held in the Founders Court at the Marcellin Campus (the grassed area opposite the canteen) on Tuesday 16 December from 3.00pm – 5.00pm.
The College will arrange for tables to be set up in the area on which families can use to display their books. Parents will be responsible for the selling and money exchanges on the day. (Tables will be packed away at 5.00pm.)
Members of the College staff will be on hand to answer any questions regarding the textbooks. However, parents are advised to review the 2015 book list prior to the book sale to ensure that the texts being sold are required in 2015. Only textbooks used at Newman College can be sold at the second-hand book sale.
Book lists are now available on the relevant school websites.
We welcome all feedback from the parents and students regarding the new process. For all enquiries regarding the book sale please contact Lyn Shepherd 9204 9444.
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