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Tuesday, August 23rd 2016

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Science Week Activities and Highlights

Last week the College held a number of activities across the 3 Campuses in celebration of Science Week. We set out to raise awareness of the importance, applications and excitement of Science in our lives.

Marian Campus

Students in Kindy enjoyed making "Fairy Potions". The children learned what ingredients were needed and also the 'spell' they needed to say whilst stirring the potion!! Some children then went off and made some of their own potions during their play.
We are reading about Billy Goat's Gruff and we have learned about bridges and what or who can travel over them and how strong they need to be. It is wonderful when you see children transferring that knowledge into their play!!
We have also learned about what animals and humans need to live. We discussed how we all have basic needs, including water, food and air. Kindy Red decided to include a bird bath in their nature play area and hung some wild food onto the trees. We all now have the responsibility to ensure that the food and water is replenished, so we can care for the beautiful birds that visit our wonderful Kindy garden.
Lavalla Campus
Brother John worked with the Year 6 classes on the concept around Electricity. The children were able to discover all things relating to electricity and the physics involved in this. The children also manipulated hands on materials to make circuits and look into different types of conductors and insulators.
Marcellin Campus
The week’s activities started with an Astronomy Night where staff, students and parents (PK-12) got to enjoy a 30 minute presentation from Richard Tonello (Director/ Astronomer of AES) highlighting constellations, planets and satellites. They then had the opportunity to use a number of telescopes to view what they had learnt. Although it was cloudy, we had a great turn out and plan to have another evening in Term 4.
Throughout the week students and staff enjoyed a paper plane challenge where they had to make their plane and try and fly it the furthest and for the longest. Congratulations Luke Ryan (Year 8) for producing the greatest flight time (6.43s) and Flynn McPherson (Year 7) for the longest distance recorded at 21.8m.
On Wednesday we were privileged to hear the Premier’s Chief Scientist Professor, Peter Klinken speak to students about a career in Science and the opportunities waiting for them. Students really enjoyed asking questions and discussing them. At the same time we had Westoz Wildlife bring in a beautiful alpine dingo, a big koala, snakes and lizards for students to handle with care. The students were very excited to get up close and personal to these native creatures.
But the biggest bangs of the week were at Lavalla, Marcellin and Holy Rosary Primary School, where Mr Spriggins entertained all the students with the explosive power of oxygen and acetylene!
Other activities enjoyed throughout the week was bubble blowing and rocket launching.
The week ended on Friday evening, where Newman hosted a 2 hour program for Scinema – The International Science Film Festival, which showed an array of short films, the main one being a documentary about the remarkable life and contribution of Maurice Hillman, who developed so many life saving vaccines in use today.
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