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Friday, June 26th 2015

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Ride or Walk to School Day

On Friday 26 June it is “Walk or Ride to School Day”. Over 1500 schools nation wide participated late last term and therefore it would be great if we could get a good response here at Newman College.
What can you do?
Please get involved! Last year 19% of students participated, this year we are aiming to get at least 25% of students involved by either riding or walking to school. If you live a fair way away or catch the bus, consider driving part way, getting out early and riding or walking the rest.
There will be spot prizes for every participant, plus we will randomly select five students to win gift vouchers from runner’s world and BB Cycles. Many thanks to the following businesses for donating prizes:
•BB Cycles
•Run West
•Sports Specialists
•West Coast Eagles
•Doric St Newsagent
•Cancer Council
Aside from winning prizes, below are 6 other good reasons to have a go:
1. You can "Find 30" without even trying (15min each way is a 5km dawdle on the bike).
2. Save heaps on petrol - If you live Scarborough distance away, by riding 3 times a week for most of the year you will save around $400 in fuel which is the cost of a flash new bike! That's right it just "paid for itself")
3. Save time - If you drive home North along West Coast Hwy and leave school after 4:00pm the traffic is horrendous – not to mention other traffic routes too (I'm sure there are stories to tell!) Ever wanted to be one of those people who flash past you on the bike path while you wallow in traffic congestion?? Well let me tell you it feels good – why don't you find out for yourself?
4. Improve your mental Health - There is heaps of research which indicates that by doing a bit of regular exercise can make you feel better in so many different ways. If nothing else a morning ride or walk does wonders to clear the cobwebs and get you ready for the day.
5. Do your bit for the environment - That petrol you don't burn means that there is that much less carbon (around a ton a year depending on how much you ride/walk) being added to the atmosphere.
6. Set a good example - Social Cognitive theory says that the behaviours you model have a significant influence on creating positive change for the people around you – if you are seen doing it, others will think they can too, then others… Let’s get it going!
David Nelson, Head of Health and PE

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