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Thursday, October 30th 2014

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Remar Red Leadership Camp

Remar Red Leadership Camp

We all arrived at the airpot at 5.30am, tired, but excited for the amazing weekend we were all about to have. I was particularly excited as it was my 16th birthday and I was greeted with many birthday wishes. We said goodbye to our families and arrived in Melbourne around 2.00pm in the afternoon and made our way to the hotel. As it was my birthday, Mr Puljiz (Mr P) said that my dorm girls and I would have the Penthouse! It was huge, and after 4 hours of shopping and exploring all 34 of us chilled in the huge apartment on the 16th floor.

The next day we were allowed more time to explore the aesthetic city before going on an hour bus ride to the camp site where we were staying. We all had mixed emotions upon arriving. We were anxious, but also excited for a camp that we had been told by previous Red Rowers was the best camp they had been on. Our worries were all for nothing for within 5 minutes we were already chatting to other Rowers and playing games.
The rest of the camp consisted of discussing the four spokes of Remar: Leadership, Community, Faith Development and Ministry and Service. This was done through videos and power points, journalling and small group discussions. We learnt a lot about what makes a good leader and how we can undertake ministry and service in our everyday lives. We also learnt about Marcellin Champagnat and the inspiration of his work. On Saturday night we performed the acapella songs we had been working on for many weeks and it was well recieved by all. We dedicated our performance to Mr P for all his hard work in getting us all to Melbourne safely and making the trip possible.
On behalf on the Red Rowers of 2014, I would to thank Mr P, Miss Bennett and Miss O’Mahony for coming with us. I know I can say on behalf of us all that we learnt a lot more about the four spokes of Remar and we know we have become better people because of this wonderful experience. I would also like to personally thank my beautiful caravel. As we said before, we came on the trip as friends, but we left as a family. “We are the Army, the NC Army...”
Georgia Martin, Yr 10 Remar Red Student

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