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Friday, June 26th 2015

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Remar Red Camp

Remar Red Camp

The Red Rowers of Newman College led by our helm, Ms Garlick, went to Serpentine camp for our one and only Red Caravel Day. The camp was an amazing experience filled with all sorts of interesting and thought provoking ideas which challenged our social and Caravel consciousness.
The camp’s first focus was on Christian leadership and community during the camp and their differences with regular leadership and community. These were pointed out by none other than our very own Brother Terry. This idea was further developed through numerous activities which served to highlight the importance not only of leadership but also of those people willing to follow the vocal leader and work together to accomplish a goal.
We were then confronted with the harsh reality of how difficult being a leader and daring to “sail away from mediocrity” (the Red Rower motto) really is. This was done by Rowers being challenged, quite aggressively, by the leaders of the camp in a game called “step up to the line” where we were asked deliberate provocative questions and were forced to make a decision to both physically and socially isolate ourselves in order to show the judgements that are made on those who do not conform.
Our third and final focus of the camp was on Ministry. During this topic we were confronted with the harsh truths of poverty and the facts on those who cannot afford basic requirements such as shelter, food and clean water. We were then tasked with the responsibility of trying to make a change within our community and questioning whether we have the right to not help those who do not have enough.
Ultimately, the camp was a beautifully spiritual and emotional experience for all of the Caravel, and it was truly invigorating in calling us to be strong together and to help those who desperately need it.
Peter Loreck Yr 10

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