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Monday, February 20th 2017

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Remar Blue/Gold Camp Highlights

On Sunday 12 February, the excited Remar Blue and Remar Gold Caravels boarded the bus to head to Serpentine for our Embarkation Camp.
Once we were familiar with our dorms, we were called together for an introduction and prayer. Across the entirety of the camp, we completed different sessions required to complete our embarkation.

For the Blues, the main focus of our sessions were identifying our strengths and weaknesses. Through these sessions, we were able to provide feedback to each other and learn more about each person’s personal background, creating a sense of togetherness and growing as a Remar family. The spiritual side of our camp was also very educational; we participated in different forms of prayer with each other, such as Taizé and warm fuzzies. We also further developed our understanding of Jesus, and the Virgin Mary.

Our meal times were exceptionally enjoyable as it was an opportunity to have a conversation with different people over dinner. Overall, our embarkation was a wonderful experience where we were able to grow closer together and educate ourselves further about the Remar values, faith, humility and loyalty.

Mia Vile, Year 11 Student

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