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Thursday, June 25th 2015

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Remar Blue Retreat

Remar Blue Retreat

Last weekend the Remar Blue Caravel enjoyed a three day camp, under the leadership of the Remar team from Melbourne.
During the retreat we encountered many new opportunities which gave us a new perspective on our faith, relationships with others and the relationship with ourselves. Some of the activities that allowed us to develop our understanding were discussion groups, group and personal reflection and visiting a public mass service at Saint Cecilia’s Church, Floreat.
Another large part of the experience, as with every Remar camp, was growing closer to our Caravel. It wasn’t only through the organised activities that people found a bond, but through the time that was left up to us. During this time, a competitive but enjoyable game of articulate, an exhilarating bus ride, an intense pillow fight, and many philosophical chats about life brought us closer together. It was through these unplanned activities that we could see how far our Caravel had come, as we no longer needed to be instructed to socialise.
Overall this retreat gave us the opportunity to grow closer to ourselves, closer to others and experience the key focus’s of Remar.
Hannah Loughridge and Rebeeca French Yr 11

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