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Friday, September 2nd 2016

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REMAR Blue Marist Solidarity Camp Highlights

Below are two student's accounts of their experiences at the recent REMAR Blue Marist Solidarity Camp:

Our REMAR Blue Marist Solidarity Camp for 2016 took us up to Mullewa (a small, rural community near Geraldton). Our Caravel, along with our Helms, Mr Box and Ms Garlick, the REMAR Coordinator, Miss O’Mahony and the Year 10 Red Helm, Mr Robinett, experienced the kind hospitality of Our Lady of Mt Carmel Primary School. In this time we grew in solidarity with each other and the community.
Some highlights include organising and running a Mass for the students, cleaning and weeding the local Pioneer Cemetery, for which we also made crosses to mark the unmarked graves. Another highlight of the camp was assisting the local community with their Agricultural Show (similar to the Perth Royal Show), as well as the Wildflower Show. These amazing experiences enabled us to see the impact of our service to the community.
Overall the camp was an incredible opportunity for our group to grow together in solidarity and in service to the community. Mullewa was such a rewarding and fulfilling experience.
Henry Farnan, Year 11 Student
The Remar Blue Camp, held within the community of Mullewa, was one of the most amazing and captivating camps, and we are very grateful that we were able to have this experience.
The camp provided everyone with life long skills such as teamwork, commitment and dedication, with a deeper understanding of how we can utilise our skills to assist the wider community.
The camp was filled with highlights, from helping and meeting those within the Our Lady of Mount Carmel school community, assisting at the Mullewa Agricultural Show and Wildflower Show, attending the youth group and refining our weeding skills at the Pioneer Cemetery. Although there are many more highlights, these main features of the camp stood out as they had the greatest impact on the development our Caravel into a stronger group, and worked to strengthen the skills we all have, as individuals.
Our experience at Mullewa ultimately gave us, as a Caravel, the opportunity to develop more closely as a group, and work together to build upon our strengths and improve on our weaknesses. It was an experience within our high school years that we will all cherish forever.
Olivia Sbrocco, Year 11 Student
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