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Wednesday, September 23rd 2015

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Premierships for Newman Sienna Netball Club

Last Saturday (20th September) Newman Sienna Netball Club had 4 teams representing the club in Grand Finals, these teams were:-
Year 7 – Emeralds
Year 8 – Gems
Year 10 – Garnets
Open – Platinums
On a bright, sunny (but windy) day our teams played as champions. In what were all tight contests it was our Gems & Platinums teams that came through with victories, securing premiership flags for the club and shiny medallions for themselves.
Players from all 4 sides were sensational in their efforts and played with not only great spirit and passion but with great sportsmanship; they were outstanding club representatives. All teams should be very proud of their efforts, firstly for making it through to the Grand Finals and then for playing their hearts out right to the final whistle.
Thanks and congratulations to the coaches and managers for their efforts and to the parents in supporting their teams through the 4 months covering the 2015 season (through rain, hail, sun and wind).
Final results:-
Emeralds 13 v Scarborough 24
Gems 21 v Westcoasters 19
Garnets 24 v Mercedes 28
Platinums 38 v City Beach 32

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