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Wednesday, March 22nd 2017

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Harmony Day Celebrations

PK-6 students enjoyed an incursion called Island Dreaming.

Island Dreaming is a storytelling program that incorporates traditional stories given modern relevance by Phil Geia. Students got to sing and dance and learnt about different instruments (didgeridoo, bipra (clap sticks), kulaps (shakers), boomerangs) and cultural insights.

Through these mediums the performance taught students: right from wrong, that all young boys get up to mischief (a story about brothers), games that children play, Aboriginal terminology, why ‘saltwater’ people learn to dance at a young age and the secret behind Australian Aborigines’ most iconic dance.

The Year 10 Humanities students were given an insight into life on Palm Island in Phil Geia’s presentation of ‘Palm Island: The Good, The Bad and The Deadly.’ Entranced by Phil’s engaging story-telling, they learned of the beauty of this beautiful island, positioned as it is on the Barrier Reef with abundant fish and opportunities to watch the migrating whales. They learned, too, some of the darker aspects of island life including its history as a penal colony and the impact that has had on its people.

His personal experience of the infamous Palm Island riots shed light on the reasons behind them and illustrated how important it is for us always to consider different perspectives when we study history. The Deadly part of his talk illuminated those from his area who have become internationally successful, amongst them athlete Cathy Freeman, rugby player Milton Thaiday and musician Joe Geia. Phil has himself travelled widely, playing his ‘didge’ at various international venues and the session was wrapped up with his playing the didgeridoo.

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