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Friday, July 4th 2014

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Peer Mentoring Session Year 9

Year 9 Gender Assembly and Peer-Mentoring Session Friday 27 June

Acting Dean of Middle School, Mr Michael Mueller, thanks all students and staff for their support of this initiative. Special thanks and acknowledgement of 2013 College Captain, Rebecca Price, who gave up her time to come in and speak to our Year 9 girls (who were hanging off her every word) and current College Captain, Preston Branton, who, showing wisdom and maturity well beyond his years - stepped in on extremely short notice to deliver an absolutely superb talk to our Year 9 boys. It was a privilege to watch these young leaders in action.

Student Feedback:

Year 9 Boys
Took part in a personal development session. This session, led by Mr Grose, Mr Laden-Wearne and Mr Mueller focused on issues that were likely to come up for boys our age or a little older. The discussions took us through topics such as the importance of our personal appearance, how to be respectful people, particularly to girls. We also learnt about the risks of social media and that if you put something on the internet, it is there forever. We also discussed how this could affect you later in life, for example, when you are applying for a job. Preston Branton (College Captain) shared some of his stories with us that helped us to put all these ideas into real life situations. There were a few funny ones but in all seriousness, we found it very enlightening. We also had the help of some Year 11 students to discuss in small groups things we heard. We could ask questions and get their responses and personal stories. Overall, I think we all found this session very helpful. (Zachary Binning, Year 9)

Year 9 Girls
We came together with a group of Year 11 girls and some female members of the College staff to discuss what it means to be a teenage girl blossoming into womanhood. Whilst watching and listening to a very useful presentation, we all exchanged views on a variety of topics such as relationships with family and friends, how to use technology wisely, time at school and self-discovery. The College Captain of 2013, Rebecca Price, treated us to an eye-opening talk about her experiences at Secondary School, and how she tried her hardest to overcome every obstacle she encountered. We really appreciated her honesty when talking to us, as this allowed the girls to personally relate to what she was saying. After the presentation, the Year 9 girls broke off into smaller groups with one or two Year 11 girls, who shared their own experiences with us and answered any questions we may have had about ourselves and what to expect in the near future. The Year 9 girls found the personal development session very useful, and we look forward to being able to help younger girls when they have their session in the future.
(Aaliya Rickard, Year 9)

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