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Thursday, July 21st 2016

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News from the Drama Department

Year 7 Stagecraft
A number of Year 7 students started Stagecraft this week and they came up with some fabulous creations in the lesson. They will be exploring the role of the costume designer over the next few weeks and this was an introduction to using some of the design elements in their work. The students had only 30 mins to create the designs which had to clearly demonstrate the character they were given… but the glitch was they could only use newspaper, magazines and tape! They were super successful!!!
Theatre Olympics
Theatre Olympics (Theatresports®) is a fun Inter-Guild evening competition of completely improvised games played in front of a live audience by students from Years 6-12.
This week, participating students attended their second workshop. On the evening they will be taking suggestions straight from the audience to shape the games and scenes they need to act out.
Everyone is invited to come and watch the evening and support their friends, family and/or Guilds. Audience members will be asked for a gold coin donation at the door.

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