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Thursday, August 18th 2016

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Multicultural Week Highlights

Last week the Marcellin and Lavalla Campuses celebrated Multicultural Week. The amazing Languages Department organised many different activities, giving students a taste of many different languages and cultures.

Each morning on the Marcellin Campus we had the Hail Mary announced in a different language over the PA, allowing students from different backgrounds to celebrate their heritage as well as language students to show off their new skills and fluency. It became somewhat of a game to guess which language the prayer was in each morning before it was announced at the end.
Other fun activities that allowed all students and teachers to get involved included:
- The chopstick spaghetti eating competition! Each contender battled to eat as quickly as possible whilst frantically struggling to use chopsticks Congratulations to Mr Box who managed to swipe the fame right out of Mr Roberts’ hands, making each students appetite look minuscule
- The smooth sounds of “Lato B” the Italian jazz band. Each student was able to come to the Founders Court and listen to popular Italian classics including our new favourite tune Volare whilst seeing some of Ms Sampson amazing dance moves, which we personally think was the highlight
- A very popular piñata competition, enjoyed by all years despite the craziness
- The classic game of bocce
- The day of dance finally arrived, when students and staff learnt how to dance to traditional Greek music with the help of Miss Battlis. Thank you to Mr Willett for participating fully. We can guarantee that all other mathematicians at the school are jealous of your incredible dancing skills
- The Year 7 and 8’s were lucky enough to learn how to make wood fired traditional Neapolitan Pizza during their “Making Pizza Incursion”. Not only did they learn how to make authentic Italian pizza but also learnt about the history of pizza and its origins.
Both Marcellin and Lavalla welcomed an instructor who came and taught everyone the art of Kendo, a form of Japanese fencing where everyone had a blast.
Multicultural Week is an amazing opportunity to experience a new culture without staggering flight prices and jet lag. Everyone had an absolute blast and we look forward to next year’s activities. Thanks to Mrs Sampson, Miss Demma and Miss Ranjitkumar for their hard work in making this year’s Multicultural Week the best yet!
Chloe Meyer and Bella White, Year 10 students
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